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OSHA Silica Summary

OSHA Silica Summary

The Pureflo ESM Powered Respirator is the ultimate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solution for industrial manufacturing environments that demand Respiratory Protection from Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR).

The Pureflo ESM (Electronic Systems Management) PAPR helmet uniquely provides all in one head, eye, face and respiratory protection against hazardous airborne contaminants, sparks, flying debris and chemical & molten metal splashes.

The Pureflo ESM respirator helmet is a battery driven positive pressure system, delivering a constant and plentiful supply of clean purified air. Ergonomically designed with superb balance, no fit testing required and can be worn by personnel with beards and facial hair.


  • Head Protection: ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class G
  • Face -shield/Eye Protection: ANSI Z87.1+
  • Respiratory: NIOSH 42CFR84
  • Filter: HEPA or HEPA+HF +HC Nuisance level OV and Ozone
  • FM Approved: Class I Div 2, ABCDEFG; “non-incendive” classes I, II, III US & Canada
  • APF 1000-OSHA


Hard Hat Colors:

Black, White, Yellow, Hi Viz Yellow Green

Respirator Helmet

The Pureflo ESM respirator helmet provides an “all-in-one” solution – protecting the head, eyes, face, and offering respiratory protection against airborne contaminants, sparks, debris, and chemical and molten metal splashes.

With HEPA & HF/HC filters, the Pureflo ESM respirator helmet can be adapted for use in a variety of heavy industrial environments. The respirator helmet and face shield combination protects the head, eyes and face from impact or liquid splashes, while also protecting the user from inhaling potentially harmful fumes.


  • Lightweight fully integrated PAPR unit
  • Very high wearer acceptance
  • No waist belts, trailing hoses or leads
  • Great field of view & optical quality
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Highest protection levels
  • ESM (Electronic System Management) warns of low battery & filter life

Fracking Respirator

Responding to the OSHA/NIOSH alert, the Pureflo ESM is the ideal solution for use as a fracking respirator, protecting workers in the oil and gas industries from inhaling potentially harmful silica dust.

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