Argus Riot Helmets | Police, Prisons & Cash-In-Transit

Argus police public order and riot helmets

Argus riot helmets are used by major police, prison and security services throughout the world. Our riot helmets provide a proven combination of head, eye, face and neck protection plus radio communications, for riot control, public order and security duties.

The non-ballistic Argus riot helmets are designed, manufactured and certified to the international specifications for riot helmets. They have also been designed for and passed additional tests for impact, sound attenuation and solvent resistance.

The latest Argus APH05 riot helmet and visor combination has been tested to this latest standard, offering improved protection from impact, flame and solvents. All Argus public order helmets are configured to accept radio communications with the choice of talk and receive, and receive only, headsets and down lead assemblies.


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