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US specification prices starting at:

$1,420 US

** Single visor 

The ALPHA Eagle helicopter helmet is designed for use in rotary and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft. The helicopter helmet features a strong, ultra-light construction made from epoxy resin aramid and carbon fiber achieving the ultimate combination of light weight and high protection.

Simple rapid adjustment of the crown, ear-cups and the nape enables the ALPHA Eagle pilot helmet to be comfortably fitted to a wide range of head shapes and sizes with superb comfort retention and balance. The newly designed quick release ratchet enables the nape pad to be swiftly and easily positioned for maximum comfort and stability.


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Industry leading pilot protection
  • Made for Comfort
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Excellent Stability
  • Uninterrupted Field of View
  • Five Sizes
  • Range of colours, options & accessories
  • Replaceable spare parts

Visor options include single or double visor systems in tinted or clear versions. Users include Air Medical and Police Air Support.

The ALPHA Eagle is available in 5 sizes and a range of colors including: Gloss Blue, Gloss Red, Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue, Gloss White, Gloss Yellow, Gloss Black, Blue/Gray Suede, Olive Green Suede, Desert Tan Suede, Flat Black Suede

 Alpha Eagle Colour ChoicesAlpha Eagle Colour Choices

A pilot helmet designed specifically for use in helicopters and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft, the ALPHA Eagle helmet leads the way in pilot protection throughout the world.

The ALPHA Eagle helicopter helmet is compatible with night vision goggles (NVG) and can be configured with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for enhanced protection against low frequency cockpit noise.

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