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The ALPHA 200 Series helicopter flight helmet is designed for use in helicopters and fixed wing non-ejection seat aircraft. It has a helmet configuration that can be adapted using a range of equipment options. These options include integration with NBC/CBRN equipment, single or double visor systems in tinted or clear versions, Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Laser Protective Visors (LPV), compatibility with most on-board communication and night vision goggle (NVG) systems and semi-rigid visor cover (SRVC) for added visor protection.

The ALPHA 200 Series military helicopter flight helmet provides helicopter and aircraft pilots with a stable, dependable helmet platform essential during air operations.


  • Choice of 5 helmet shell sizes
  • Updated nape pad design
  • Exceptonal optical performance
  • Excellent stability with low centre of gravity
  • Uninterrupted field of view
  • Range of optional extras and accessories to suit your precise flight operations 


Military Helicopter Helmet 

The military helicopter helmet is available in five sizes ensuring superb retention and balance. Available in a range of colors including:

 White Yellow Blue
 Red Black 
 Blue/Grey Olive Sand


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